Brown Hair Color (500ml)

Brown Hair Color (500ml)

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HERBAL 100% natural face treatment SEVICH new Noni plant hair color formula, 100% natural brown hair color, which gives users a completely different experience of hair coloring. Special plant essence and packaging technology can meet people who are concerned about the gray and white hair, do not have to go to the hair salon, can operate at home. Noni, a plant formula of argan oil, helps to take care of the hair and protect the scalp.


1. Wear gloves. 2. Push the ingredients out of the bottle, making sure that two kinds of ingredients come out of your mouth together. Mix two ingredients on the palm. 4. Apply the ingredients on white (gray) hair, massage the hair with regular shampoo when using. After 5-10 minutes (based on long hair from men or women), then wash your hair with clear water.


1. Please do a skin allergy test before staining, after gluing the mixture into the ear after 48 hours without discomfort before use. 2. Avoid contact of the eyes, if they stick to the eyes, do not knead, rinse with water. Do not use this product to color eyebrows and eyelashes. 4. Children, avoid contact with the product. Do not use a pregnant woman.

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