Maccun energy booster (220g)

Maccun energy booster (220g)

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Throughout history, Manis Mesir Paste was the Turks' best friend in the harsh environment of Anatolia and under the difficult circumstances that have been going on for centuries in this region with a shortage of food and medicine for some periods.

Common benefits of Manisa Mesir Macunu:

Can protect against colds and flu.

Can kill microbes.

May help to be anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory.

May improve appetite.

May reduce urinary tract disorders.

Improve strength.

How to use it:

1-2 happens daily

It can be dissolved in warm milk and water.

Warning: This product is not suitable for people with diabetes.


Water, Mesir mixture 41 Turkish Mesir, glucose syrup, natural acidity regulator.

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