Peelu Miswak (toothbrush) x 2 pieces

Peelu Miswak (toothbrush) x 2 pieces

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Miswak is an Arabic word in origin that describes the chewing stick prepared from the root, stem, twigs or bark of a tree and used for cleaning the oral cavity.

From an ancient tool to a modern way of improving oral health, miswak (chewing stick) has proven to be an effective tool for oral health. The miswak removes the bacterial plaque by mechanical and chemical actions. It provides a cheap and easily accessible way of improving oral health of the individuals and populations.

There are more than 180 plant species that can be used as a natural toothbrush. These species differ from each other on the basis of appearance, scent, texture and taste.

Miswak has its own unique aspects that must be adapted prior to use for the best results. The functional end of a thin bark piece is striped off followed by chewing. Chewing of miswak separates fibers and giving it a brush like appearance that helps in cleaning the teeth easily.

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