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Royal jelly - 75 capsules

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Royal Jelly stimulates the development of a larva into a queen bee. It is also known as "superbly good by-products". It represents a complex natural substance produced in a mixture of bees. Due to its use among the bee colony and the information from traditional sources of knowledge, Royal Jelly has been considered a natural source of energy and "a source of youth" for thousands of years. Like all other substances that have been used in humans for many years, Royal Jelly is another topic among many scientific research groups.




May strengthen the immune system and counteract allergic reactions. ...


May help Alzheimer's patients. ...


May contain beneficial probiotics. ...


May relieve menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms. ...


Can improve collagen level for good skin. ...


Can treat osteoporosis. ...


May help heal wounds. ...


May improve male infertility.

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